Empowering the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Strategic Alliance with DeliverFund: Unveiling the Shadows with Whooster Nightwatch

Our strategic alliance with DeliverFund marks a significant milestone in the battle against human trafficking. Together, we introduce Whooster NightWatch—a sophisticated intelligence tool designed to penetrate the shadows of illicit trafficking activities. This partnership is a testament to our unwavering commitment to equipping law enforcement with the tools necessary to dismantle trafficking networks and safeguard vulnerable populations.

Whooster NightWatch: A Closer Look at Its Capabilities

Whooster NightWatch goes beyond traditional data analytics by offering a comprehensive suite of specialized data designed to decode the complex operations of human traffickers:

  • Illicit Ad Tracking: Uncover both current and historical red-light advertisements across adult-only and dark web platforms, providing unparalleled visibility into traffickers' operations.
  • Phone and Email Tracing: Gain rapid access to contact information tied to suspicious ads, creating a direct pathway to the source of illicit activities.
  • Behavioral Scoring: Employ a dynamic scoring system to evaluate risk levels, prioritizing law enforcement focus on the most imminent threats.
  • Digital Footprint Mapping: Delve into traffickers' online behaviors and patterns through exhaustive analysis of their web presence.
  • Ad History and Volume: Track ad frequencies and timelines to establish operational patterns and scale, offering crucial insights into traffickers' methods.
  • Telecommunications Tracking: Access in-depth telecom data, including real-time updates, to trace traffickers' movements and communication strategies effectively.

Current, Real-Time & Historical

Public & Private Data Sources

Our proprietary data fusion technology, powered by the Owl Intelligence platform, integrates public and open-source intelligence (OSINT) data with private data sources to deliver up-to-date, reliable, and actionable information.

Person Data

Criminal Records

Medical Data

Social Media Data

Asset Data

International Data

Dark Web Data

Phone Data

Real Estate Records

Motor Vehicle Data

Proprietary Data

Court Records

License Data

Business Data

Whooster Data Delivery Methods

Our proprietary data fusion technology, powered by the Owl Intelligence Platform, integrates open-source intelligence (OSINT) data with private data sources to deliver up-to-date, reliable, and actionable information needed for public safety, regulatory, and private concerns.

Access through any Web browser

Whooster Web UI

Whooster searches are available through any browser on any desktop/laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Case # Availability at each Search
Single, Flex, or Batch Searching Available
Basic, Enhanced, and Comprehensive Reports
View Reports – Print – Download – Email (Password Protected) in XLS, CSV, PDFs
No Internet or Wifi Needed

Whooster SMS/Text

If you have a text-enabled device, you can send a text query and get a response in as little as seven seconds

Text Message Platform SMS - MMS
No Internet Needed
Email Password Protected Reports to the User’s Registered Email Address
Full Access of all Search Activity via Whooster Web UI
Integrations & API

Whooster Direct Connect

Access Whooster’s Real-time investigative data via API using our proprietary linking and matching technology integrated into your proprietary software. Use Whooster Direct Connect to sync directly with our Data Fusion engine. Gain Whooster on-demand delivery of accurate data on your own platform.

Testimonials & Customer Stories

Learn how Whooster Data Solutions have helped out customers solve investigations quickly,


Quickly Eliminate Subjects More Efficiently

“I have been using Whooster for a few months and have found it to be extremely useful. The variety of information that can be obtained through the system has aided my investigations significantly. By using Whooster, I can eliminate subjects more efficiently due to the variety of data the system compiles in an up-to-date, easy-to-read format."

— Analyst | Federal Task Force


Whooster helped resolve our Case in 24 Hours

“We had a murder a few weeks ago, and Whooster was very instrumental in solving the case. Solving it regarding timeliness in seizing a vehicle used in the murder. Whooster helped in solving the case in 24 hours, from shots fired to confession, and I made sure EVERYBODY knew that too."

— Detective | Local Police Department


First Place to Go to Identify Suspects

“The SW US Task Force has been using Whooster for several months. The overwhelming response from our analysts is that it has become one of the first places they go when they need to identify suspects via phone numbers. The information is current, accurate, and rich."

— Coordinator | SW US Task Force

Whooster Data is powered by the OWL Intelligence Platform

The OWL Intelligence Platform takes disparate data and converts it into actionable intelligence.

Data intelligence takes a lot of time. It’s a lot of work to find data sets, analyze them, and visualize them. And even if you’re lucky enough to find the right data set, it’s still a pain to work with. With OWL, it’s as easy as connecting your databases, apps, and spreadsheets to make easy data visualizations to understand and communicate. Then share and analyze your insights, allowing you to act on them immediately.