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Who Uses Whooster Data?

Whooster provides investigative data solution tools to law enforcement, government agency and business sector clients who need to find out – ‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ as well as discovering non-obvious links between the who, what, and where.

Use Cases & Solutions

Whooster Clients from both the public and private sectors have used Whooster's Data Solutions to enable a wide variety of investigations to compliance & risk management.

Locate People & Witnesses
Address Search & Verification
Know Your Customer
Fraud & Identity Management
Risk Management & Compliance
Contact Tracing
Anti-Money Laundering
Asset Recovery & Skip Tracing
Disaster Relief Missions

It’s The Best Phone Analysis Tool I’ve Ever Seen 

“Whooster is the best phone analysis tool I have ever seen. One of my analysts just used it to locate a guy in 5 minutes that we had been searching for over two weeks to find. Sorry if I sound like an infomercial, but this system is great.”  

— Group Supervisor | US Federal Agency

The Golden Ticket of Go-To Databases

“Since our office received a trial subscription to the Whooster data service, it has quickly become one of the go-to databases of our agency and has earned the prized position of being put on my browser’s toolbar.”

— Lead Investigator | State Law Enforcement Initiative

Law Enforcement

Every minute counts when you’re searching for a person of interest. Law Enforcement professionals need rapid access to the latest information through our law enforcement investigation software.

Department of Defense

Whooster data provides a quick way to check phone statuses, number histories, and identification info from carriers worldwide and then use that information to check social media activity, letting defense personnel verify identities and generate potential leads.

Investigators & Legal Professionals

Whooster Data Solutions, powered by OWL's algorithms and advanced data fusion, helps attorneys, paralegals, and investigators piece cases together faster by offering instant access to actionable information.

Retail & eCommerce

Whether an online or brick-and-mortar retailer, Whooster data helps prevent fraud and enhances the customer experience by providing real-time information through rapid onboarding, quick and secure verification, and seamless transactions.

Government Agencies

With the evolving digital era, the public sector is upgrading its idea of serving people and consumers. Being a Government official, you are on a mission with a firm commitment to serving your community.

Insurance & Financial Services

Whooster data and our patented algorithms and advanced data-fusion help insurers with fraud investigations, user onboarding, application verification, risk management, and more.

Cannabis Related Business

Cannabis is a high-risk industry, so the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirement is escalated to deeper diligence and review, called Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD). Banks must know and understand their clients to succeed in cannabis banking.

Collections & Recovery

Personnel in the Collections and Recovery industry need to be able to access a wide variety of data to do their jobs. Whooster brings all of that data into a single place, saving time and allowing investigators to find patterns and connections they might have otherwise missed, helping our clients maximize their success.

Current, Real-Time & Historical

Public & Private Data Sources

Our proprietary data fusion technology, powered by the Owl Intelligence platform, integrates public and open-source intelligence (OSINT) data with private data sources to deliver up-to-date, reliable, and actionable information.

Person Data

Criminal Records

Medical Data

Social Media Data

Asset Data

International Data

Dark Web Data

Phone Data

Real Estate Records

Motor Vehicle Data

Proprietary Data

Court Records

License Data

Business Data

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Testimonials & Customer Stories

Learn how Whooster Data Solutions have helped out customers solve investigations quickly,


Quickly Eliminate Subjects More Efficiently

“I have been using Whooster for a few months and have found it to be extremely useful. The variety of information that can be obtained through the system has aided my investigations significantly. By using Whooster, I can eliminate subjects more efficiently due to the variety of data the system compiles in an up-to-date, easy-to-read format."

— Analyst | Federal Task Force


Whooster helped resolve our Case in 24 Hours

“We had a murder a few weeks ago, and Whooster was very instrumental in solving the case. Solving it regarding timeliness in seizing a vehicle used in the murder. Whooster helped in solving the case in 24 hours, from shots fired to confession, and I made sure EVERYBODY knew that too."

— Detective | Local Police Department


First Place to Go to Identify Suspects

“The SW US Task Force has been using Whooster for several months. The overwhelming response from our analysts is that it has become one of the first places they go when they need to identify suspects via phone numbers. The information is current, accurate, and rich."

— Coordinator | SW US Task Force

Whooster Data is powered by the OWL Intelligence Platform

The OWL Intelligence Platform takes disparate data and converts it into actionable intelligence.

Data intelligence takes a lot of time. It’s a lot of work to find data sets, analyze them, and visualize them. And even if you’re lucky enough to find the right data set, it’s still a pain to work with. With OWL, it’s as easy as connecting your databases, apps, and spreadsheets to make easy data visualizations to understand and communicate. Then share and analyze your insights, allowing you to act on them immediately.