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Whooster Data Solutions Integrated into the Following Platforms

Search the complete Whooster Data Sets in Realtime directly from the User Interface of these DaaS Partners.


A Law Enforcement Investigative Platform 1) Founded on years of experience working with Agencies across the world, 2) Cloud based, Open and Portable, 3) Based on A Data Connection Foundation enabling rapid connections to whatever data sources clients require, 4) Is Pre-connected right out of the box to several high value commercial and open source data sources (e.g., Social Media), 5) includes automated entity resolution, 6) Provides sophisticated analytics and visualization, 7) Available as a subscription service, 8) Deployable in hours.

Crime Center

CrimeCenter Software is a cloud-based case management application built by law enforcement, for law enforcement. Accessible on any mobile or desktop device, CrimeCenter delivers intelligent investigation management and analytics capabilities. It exists to help all agencies – small, medium or large – function more effectively and better serve their communities.


DataWalk is an Enterprise-class, multi-user software platform that enables analysts and investigators to dramatically accelerate the generation and sharing of actionable intelligence. DataWalk enables you to quickly connect all desired internal/external data in a single repository, and then instantly find hidden connections and patterns across all this d

Globlue Technologies

Globlue Technologies is a global provider of advanced analytics for use in Law Enforcement, Commercial Fraud Investigations, Counter Financial Crimes, Anti-Money Laundering, Intelligence & Counter-Intelligence Operations, Security & Cyber Intelligence.

ARKHOS Data Fusion combines critical data from a wide array of vetted sources to deliver a 360-degree view of any entity. This unique intelligence platform seamlessly integrates your existing internal data with external third-party intelligence for real-time visibility into your investigations — all in one convenient analytical solution

SyTech Corporation

SyTech Corporation’s ADACS platform collects, records and archives CALEA-compliant voice and data for agencies seeking law-enforcement wiretap collection and analysis. The ADACS platform has the ability to utilize Whooster’s Information gathering services to enhance the Analysis Capabilities in its Core Product.

Chorus Intelligence

Chorus Intelligence is a trusted supplier of digital intelligence and investigation software for law enforcement, government agencies and financial institutions across the globe. Made up of modular applications, the Chorus Intelligence Suite equips anyone involved in digital investigations with the tools to confidently collect, develop and disseminate data. Be empowered at every stage of an investigation to confidently turn data into intelligence and evidence

Penlink is a software company that develops enterprise-grade communications surveillance data collection and analysis solutions for domestic law enforcement their products include PLX, Penpoint and PenProxy. PenLink brings organized information to the forefront and pulls together a more visual landscape of data, giving clarity to complex data for people who need impactful answers now.

Babel Street

Babel Street provides the most advanced data analytics and intelligence platform for the world’s most trusted government and commercial brands. The AI-enabled platform helps them stay informed and improves around-the-clock decision-making for threat intelligence, identity and risk management, and alerting use cases. Teams are empowered to rapidly detect and collaborate on what matters in seconds by transforming massive amounts of global, multilingual data into actionable insights so they can act with confidence.

Blue Light

Blue Light specializes in bundled analytics and security solutions for Law Enforcement and other industries to address violent crimes, fraud, physical security and risk management. The company’s Blue Fusion Federated Search connector for IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook turns i2 into a single-pane, 360-degree security and intelligence solution—combining the best predictive analytics with the unlimited access to any accessible data source or technology. Blue Light is the intelligence resource of choice for schools, churches, workplaces, stadiums, utilities, casinos and municipalities that want to create safer environments, as well as law enforcement and government agencies seeking to protect and serve citizens. Blue Light . . . Connecting a world of possibilities to i2.

Gladiator Forensics

We provide law enforcement and intelligence agencies with Cellular Network Forensics technologies and tools to optimize their efforts in various critical mission sets. We have advanced tools and techniques for fugitive apprehension, electronic surveillance, and a combination of real-time and historical geolocation analytical tools. We also have an ELSUR validation tool that automates the process of verifying that the ELSUR data coming from the telecommunications providers is conforming to the published standards.

Testimonials & Customer Stories

Learn how Whooster Data Solutions have helped out customers solve investigations quickly,


Quickly Eliminate Subjects More Efficiently

“I have been using Whooster for a few months and have found it to be extremely useful. The variety of information that can be obtained through the system has aided my investigations significantly. By using Whooster, I can eliminate subjects more efficiently due to the variety of data the system compiles in an up-to-date, easy-to-read format."

— Analyst | Federal Task Force


Whooster helped resolve our Case in 24 Hours

“We had a murder a few weeks ago, and Whooster was very instrumental in solving the case. Solving it regarding timeliness in seizing a vehicle used in the murder. Whooster helped in solving the case in 24 hours, from shots fired to confession, and I made sure EVERYBODY knew that too."

— Detective | Local Police Department


First Place to Go to Identify Suspects

“The SW US Task Force has been using Whooster for several months. The overwhelming response from our analysts is that it has become one of the first places they go when they need to identify suspects via phone numbers. The information is current, accurate, and rich."

— Coordinator | SW US Task Force

Whooster Data is powered by the OWL Intelligence Platform

The OWL Intelligence Platform takes disparate data and converts it into actionable intelligence.

Data intelligence takes a lot of time. It’s a lot of work to find data sets, analyze them, and visualize them. And even if you’re lucky enough to find the right data set, it’s still a pain to work with. With OWL, it’s as easy as connecting your databases, apps, and spreadsheets to make easy data visualizations to understand and communicate. Then share and analyze your insights, allowing you to act on them immediately.